Apple iOS 14.5 Beta 2 Special Resolved Updates and New Features


Apple has begun a new update for iOS 14.5, as they tried to add new features and special resolved updates to the latest version from the previous beta. The significant updates included adding spices to the newest version are the music app, shortcuts app, and many smaller changes to look even smarter than the previous one.

New Features in iOS and iOS 14.5 Beta 2

Shortcut Actions

The new version has various added features like the Shortcut app that includes Take Screenshot, Orientation Lock and “Voice and Data mode” action, and so on. The user can use these actions depending on their use and model.

Apple Music

To add the music instantly, the new Apple Music app allows all the music lovers to add their favorite song into their queue by swiping up the gestures along with the popover menus to control the actions. The Music app is the new updated feature compared to the previous one. They used a third-party music streaming service like YouTube Music, Music Player, and this added new advantage makes the user choose their song depending on their choice.

In Apple iOS 14.5 beta-2 version, privacy-preserving attributes are now received in Apps and Websites for ad clicks, which clicks the users to the website.

Easy Unlock

The new Apple iOS 14.5 beta -2 and the WatchOS 7.4 beta bring a new animation to the Apple Watch if you try to unlock the phone. This ability makes life more comfortable without taking out the phone or any unlocking property.

Mute Microphone

The new version can mute the microphone when using and closing the Smart Folio that covers up the iPad version.

The things that Resolved in iOS 14.5 Beta 2

CarPlay: If the user’s iPhone has a shared contact detail through CarPlay, the user can quickly start CarPlay in vehicles and use Siri to share ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) as expected.

According to the previous version, green tint issues that would affect the iPhone is no longer an issue in this latest model. In the latest Apple 14.5 2 beta has no green check mark that impacts the iPhone as before.

The version 1.0 and 2.0 signatures will get more comfortable with the Apple iOS14.5 beta 2

Several more unique features and updates are added in this new Apple iOS 14.5 2 beta as it has a remarkable ability to unlock the phone even if you are using a face mask with your Apple Watch’s help. It also allows dual SIM 5G support. Most importantly, Apple has a unique feature that forces the app developer to ask the user for permission to track them from any website from any device.

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