App for Analyzing Sleeping Habits- Google Sleep API

Sleep API is used to determine the sleeping hours of google users who can go to sleep and wake up. In the fast-moving world, everything became digital and every user of Google also started to rely on technology for their day-to-day life process. The sleep API is now publicly available, and the sleep tracking apps are available for detecting sleeping processes and patterns.  

Sleep Tracking App- In Google Fit 

This app will analyze the sleep quality of everyone when they install it on their phone. Among all the sleep tracking apps, Google Fit and Sleep as Android will have better efficiency. The Google Sleep API apps are majorly helping the developers to introduce a better sleep tracking process. 

The tracking of any person includes their sleep duration, people’s regularity, some other activities monitoring like snoring. This app provides better opportunities for providing tracking facilities. 

Tracking on  Android Phones 

There are many apps regarding sleep tracking available on Android phones. But these apps get continuous complaints related to the power consumed during the tracking process of human activities. This sleep app has been introduced with a special application programming interface to avoid this problem. 

The battery efficiency will be ensured through the API, such as centralized sleep detection processes. While using other apps, the users have to check the changes and techniques, so that it will consume the battery power more. Whereas in Google Sleep API, it can be stored in Google Play Store, so that no additional checking process is required. 

Through the centralized process, it will not drain the battery power easily. This looks more advantageous when any user installs this app on their phone. 

Processing of Sleep Detection using API

This app which many users use is implemented through on-device Artificial Intelligence mechanisms. The motion sensors used in the device will analyze the movement of the users. There is a special kind of mechanism installed in the device called ambient light which tells whether the user went to sleep or till he awakes. As soon as the user wake-up, that will be reported by analyzing the sleep segments and sleep stages using Artificial Intelligence mechanisms. 

Android Alarm App-Collaborating with Google Sleep API

Google app has collaborated with Android alarm which is called Sleep as Android. The most efficient battery saving because automatic sleep tracking is possible in this case. Users can download this from the Android store. 

A newly developed model works on two bases including, sleep confidence and daily sleep segment. This is greatly saving phone battery life, since the sleep and waking up processes are monitored through the same app itself.

 A new Sleep API provides a better opportunity to track the activities and saves unimaginable battery power.

This option is available in Android 10, and the sleep API is used along with it by the developers. The Google Fit is enabled for analyzing time asleep, time in bed, different a variety of sleep stages. It is a special kind of sleep cycle tracking system which works based on sensors installed in the device. 

The data used in the sleep tracking system are, read sleep data and write sleep data which also includes activity data, health data, nutrition data, etc. 

Working of App

To get started with the app, begin giving requests such as “ACTIVITY-RECOGNITION ” permission in the Android 10. As soon as the app gets installed, it starts monitoring various sleeping stages and patterns. This will be carried out by calling, requestSleepSegmentUpdates(). 

To establish this app called sleep API, the developers must concentrate on the latest version of Google Play Services. The smart alarm clock is set along with the sleep cycle tracking system. This gives a pleasant morning for the users who utilize this app every day. 

The developers are using detection algorithms for monitoring the sleep stages and process. A special kind of recording API, which can be used for recording the data in the background. The sensor’s APIs are used to monitor the real-time process and stores the readings of real-time data in the repository. 

Moreover, this app’s performance is improved through the developed new API by sending and receiving the part of data required most and the user interested in. There are various  APIs used in Google Fit Android consisting of Sensors API that are wearables and available in the devices, Recording API, Sessions API that deals with the health and wellness of data.

The goal API is one of the best API techniques that would be used to track the user’s goals. It also includes a special kind of sensor which is called Bluetooth Sensors, used to find available energy using the devices. The insert data set is used for extracting the data from this device. 

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